Price list

Investing in your health is always worth it. Even you can feel well in your body!

10% discount for children (up to 7 year old) and students


Diagnostics and consultation

55 minutes

700 Kč

Therapy (includes manual and movement therapy)

55 minutes (time and price differes individually due to your wish/health condition)

650 Kč

Kinesiotaping is for included in Therapy (if it might help) FOR FREE


Individual Yoga lesson

55 minutes (time and price differes individually due to your wish)

 500 Kč

Postpartum exercise (includes diastasis recti exercise)

55 minutes

600 Kč

Pregnancy exercise

55 minutes (physiological risk-free pregnancy from the beginning of second trimester)

600 Kč


55 minutes

700 Kč

Pregnancy massage

55 minutes (neck and back)

650 Kč

Regeneration body massage

55 minutes relaxing massage for body and mind relief (legs, hands, back or neck)

650 Kč

Exercise in your company, workshops, yoga exercise, exercise for health back, power training,...

individual price

Gift voucher

If you want to please someone for birthday, Christmas, or you just want to make someone happy you can buy voucher for any service I offer. If you´re interested, feel free to contact me I´ll send you some vouchers you can choose. 


Do you need some help with choosing the best service for you? 

Do you prefer to use some service in a different time horizon than I offer? 

There´s nothing easier than contact me!

Please mind that I don´t cooperate with health insurance companies, I work for cash only. 

Please if you´re not able to come in booked term let me know at least 24 hours before the therapy time. In case you cancel your therapy later than before 24 hours I reserve the right to refuse you in a future. Thank you for  your understanding. 

Price list valid from 1.6.2020