As a Physiotherapist I combine manual therapy with exercise therapy in Brno without endless waiting for a term. My priority is your health. 

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I´m Physiotherapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor.

I can help you with/I offer

  • diagnostics of musculoskeletal system and its disorders, consultation of your troubles and effective solution of it, pain relief
  • onlinephysio - diagnostic or movement therapy (yoga, exercise for health back) via video or Skype
  • solution of acute/chronic backache/headache
  • physiotraining fighting against headache/backache, exercise for stability and mobility of shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, activation of your core muscles
  • entesopathy treatment (tennis elbow, runners knee and so on)
  • pregnancy and postpartum - techniques and exercise for pregnancy and postpartum, diastasis recti prevention and its solution, care of scar after C-section and after episiotomy
  • I´ll teach you how to work right with your pelvic floor muscles (including troubles with incontinence)
  • Ludmila Mojžíšová exercise
  • I´ll help with exercise after injuries and postoperative condition (knee/shoulder arthroscopy, total hip/knee endoprothesis, intervertebral disc surgery etc.)
  • physiomassage/pregnancy massage from the hand of Physiotherapist
  • yoga therapy  (I can also give you advice how to start with yoga, how to do asanas right)
  • sport Physiotherapy (consulting and compensating exercise for begginers/profesionals)
  • compensating exercise/yoga for companies

Why you should decide to visit me?

  • as a Physiotherapist I can offer you unique comprehensive approach
  • my priority is to help you gain healthy and functional body without any pain
  • I gained experiences working with people after surgeries and injuries, pregnant women, women after the labor + experiences from my own practice Fyzioyoga
  • I do many sports myself
  • I constantly educate myself at speacial courses and seminars
  • I prefer empathetic and sensitive attitude
  • services avalaible without endless waiting
  • quick and excellent solution of your problem
  • same price for services offered in English/Czech

For booking a term or obtaining additional informations feel free to contact me by clicking on a button below.

Ask me - if you´re interested in anything or you need an advice about Physiotherapy, Yoga (or if you don´t know which service fits to you the best) feel free to ask me.  I´ll be happy to advice you.