Proffesional physiotherapy and yoga 

I´m offering proffesional sercives in a field of Physiotherapy. I combine manual therapy with movement therapy and my priority is your health. 

I´m Physiotherapist and yoga instructor

Disorders I often solve/services I offer

  • backache, headache and other joint ache
  • pain from overload musculosceletal system, enthesopathies (such as runner knee, tennis elbow etc.)
  • post-traumatic and post-surgery conditions (mainly knee and shoulder arthroscopy,  etc.)
  • post-labor diastasis, pelvic floor disorders
  • scar treatment after C-section, episiotomy, etc.
  • pregnancy and physical preparation for labor
  • wrong body posture children and adults
  • foot pain, flat feet, hallux valgus
  • overtraining syndrome, regeneration and compensation in sport
  • diagnostics and consultation your health issues, after which we discuss the best solution for you
  • massage (therapeutic, pregnancy, regeneration)
  • movement therapy - exercise with Physio (activation of core muscles, how to breath right, stretching and exercise for compensation sedentary job,)
  • individual yoga class for all levels

Services I offer





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Why should you decide to visit me?

  • as a Physiotherapist I´m offering you comprehensive approach
  • my priority is to help you gain healthy and functional body without any pain
  • I gained experiences working with people after surgeries and injuries, pregnant women, women after the labor + experiences from my own practice Fyzioyoga
  • I constantly educate myself at special courses and seminars
  • I prefer empathetic and sensitive attitude
  • services avalaible without endless waiting
  • quick and excellent solution of your problem
  • same price for services offered in English/Czech

Feel free to ask me - if you´re interested in anything or you need an advice about Physiotherapy, Yoga (or if you don´t know which service fits to you the best).  I´ll be happy to advice you.